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La Maison Cindy Abba Riviera Française robe de mariée
Notre Histoire Cindy Abba Riviera Française robe de mariée

My story

Born on the French Riviera, between the sea and the Mediterranean mountains, I have always had a deep fascination for manual crafts and nature.

When I discovered, at sixteen, the steps of garment designing and the Haute-couture techniques, I was amazed...

My little girl's dreams, with strong princesses, amazons and influential women, could finally come true through the sculpture of the most beautiful fabrics.

This passion led me to work for several years in Paris in luxury, ready-to-wear and made-to-measure, to combine the best of both sectors.

After obtaining my international woman tailoring diploma at the "Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris", I needed to take my creative independence and go back in the south of France, the Côte d'Azur.

Notre concept Cindy Abba Riviera Française robe de mariée

The concept

For my first collection of wedding dresses entitled, "Carmen", I had the idea of combining pieces of lace more commonly known as "mantille" with an "origami" style folding technique to modernize bridal outfits.

The "mantille" is used in Latin countries to dress women heads in lace during religious ceremonies.

This association has given rise to 3 models of exceptions borrowing character:


The Chiara bridal dress

The Audrey bridal dress

The Blake bridal jumpsuit

  The very principle of buying by the piece and not by the roll guarantees eco-responsible production, especially since they are of European origin.

For linings, natural silk is appropriate. A biodegradable material that allows you to take care of the skin of each bride.

All our products are made in our Beausoleil's workshop, close to Monaco Monte-Carlo. 

Le Concept Cindy Abba Riviera Française robe de mariée
Notre Accompagnement Cindy Abba Riviera Française robe de mariée

Our Support 

Everything starts with a first meeting, the discovery of our models and the fitting.

If, during this meeting, you have your crush and want to order your wedding dress, our support until D-Day, will takes 3 steps :  

- We take your measurements and order your lace. Then, we save a date for the fitting of your wedding dress.

- You try your wedding dress in the final fabric. Hé oui ! We do not try on muslin, because we prefer to see how the real fabric drapes on you, before setting the model to your silhouette. Then, we save a new date for your second fitting.

- You try your wedding dress again. If there are no alterations, we will prepare it and you can take it with you. But if there are still alterations to review, we will save a last date for your third and final fitting.

These 3 steps take between 3 and 10 months, from your order.

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